SS-595 | Ultra High Performance


Federal’s extremely popular ultra high performance street tyre, the 595 has proven to be one of the best street tyres available for today’s modern high performance cars. Designed for excellent dry traction and crisp steering response while maintaining reliable all-weather traction and handling.

2 595


  • Advanced tread compound for superior grip and durable wear.
  • Unbroken centre tread rib provides excellent steering and acceleration response.
  • Unique interlocked shoulder tread block design for enhanced lateral grip and predictable handling.
  • Extremely popular for reliability, grip, control and value.


Size Load Index Speed Index OD
185/60R13 80H H 552
205/60R13 87H H 576
185/55R14 80V V 559
245/50R16 98V V 651
235/40R17 90V V 620
275/40R17 98V V 652
215/35R18 84W W 608
225/35R19 84W W 640