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Dereck_Crook_595RSRDereck Crook, medicine Professional Driver Trainer and owner of Fifth Gear Motoring, there shows off his Nissan GTR and tells us about his experience with Federal 595RS-R tyres:

“It’s no secret that driver trainers clock up a lot of kms every year. I was unhappy with tyres I had used in the past so I was looking for a tyre that could go the distance without sacrificing control or safety because our team regularly teach both inexperienced and experienced drivers.”

After giving Federal Tyres a go on our fleet of Mini Coopers I was more than impressed! So I decided to try out the new and improved 595RS-R on our track bred Nissan GTR for high speed performance training.”

I can’t fault these tyres ...grip, control, consistency and reliability, what more can I ask for?All of our driver training cars are now fitted with Federal Tyres!”

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